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HOME > Win10 sound level meter Software Installation

Win10 sound level meter Software Installation

AUTHOR : Date : 2017/4/12 9:54:07

Win10 sound level meter  Software Installation

1 Copy the content from CD to the PC desktop:

2 Connect the meter to PC, then put the mouse “this PC ” ,open properties---device manager

Check system type.

3 find other device “WS1361”


4 open WS1361 properties

5 find Driver and Update driver

6 Choice :Browse my computer for driver software

7 Update Driver software : Browse for folder is “usbdrive”, then OK and next

8 There are some trouble, so the USB driver install fault

9 Disable the Driver Signature Enforcement on Windows 10  (win+ I ) Open PC setting

10 select Update and security

11 Select Recovery  -----Advanced start-up   then  ‘Restart now

12 wait a moment

13 select  Advanced options

14  Select Start-up Settings

15 Select Restart and wait a moment

16  Press F7 key  This disables the Driver Signature Enforcement, which will allow you to install the driver.

17 Return Device manager to : Browse for folder is “usbdrive”, then OK and next

18 :Select: Install this driver software anyway.

19: The USB driver successfully update

20: Find the USB driver on the device manager.

21 Now find Sound Link.exe, and double click it .

22  "USB Connect " on the left corner indicates that the device is connected with computer .

23  record online button is showing on the below picture :



24  Save the file to excel or txt format , press Yes , on the below picture. if the meter is recording ,must be stop recording. Then save the file

25  There are 3 formats file. Default is XXX.WSN(only use sound link soft open),XXX.xls: office excel

XXX.txt  :notebook

26   It is saving the file now , make sure your computer is under Windows Media players setting . Or the file saving can be failed .

27  There are a new file:XXX.xls

28    If the file is saved successfully , then you can open and check it with correct software .


29  Press "open file " to open the desired file .  Save as the other format file


30  Curve display :

31 Digital display


32  Setup :  A/C weighted  fast/slow SPEED , MAX hold  and curve color setting.  IF the meter has micro TF card . The time and date setting ( Update clock) the meter time and date will run with the PC .


33  Micro TF card meter: the SD card click is useful

34  Micro TF is updating

35  Choice the file and open select file or delete the file


About the instrument itself automatically shutdown and do not  shutdown function.
Automatic shutdown:

Use the battery, the default press the power button, about two and a half minutes the instrument will enter the automatic shutdown.
How to set the instrument does not shut down:
1.USB direct power supply will not shut down
2 Use battery, long press (about 5 seconds)  the power button until the LCD screen automatically flashes, release the power button, the instrument entered does not shut down, have to shut down, then press the Power  button can shut down.


If you accidentally formatted SD card.You can reformat the SD card, but pay attention to the following points: the biggest is 4G
Format, please note:
File System: FAT32
Allocation unit size:
Default configuration size.

Or you can not save the digital to the SD card.