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Product name : WS100T10
Item : WS100T10
Price : 68RMB
Details :
 WS100T10/WS100T20 is a dedicated power frequency 50Hz/60Hz AC control system for the use of a dedicated integrated circuit, the use of CMOS technology. Full numerical control precision dual channel bidirectional controllable silicon phase shift trigger circuit with external AC pulse synchronization. Each channel is individually controlled, and a variety of control methods are provided to meet the requirements of different users.          
Its package form is SOP-8/DIP-8.          
Main features:          
Low voltage CMOS process manufacturing.          
* working voltage (VDD = 5V)          
The phase angle 0---180.          
The user can choose to control.          
By AC voltage, AC lighting control          
This photographic flash charging control, modeling lamp brightness control          
* the size of power electric heating temperature control          
This constant temperature control box          
The electric heater.          
* medical heating furnace                      
Price: 68 yuan, is the lowest, and the corresponding accessories parts sales: 2.50 yuan /PCS MOC3022 P620:2.00 yuan /PCS BTA16:3.00 yuan /PCS yuan /PCS (WS100T10:3.00 needs to connect the MCU to control the dimming / phase shift)          
WS100T20 button control SCR dimmer / voltage / phase / temperature, single only two keys, dual four keys, please contact with the buyer requires detailed specification and principle diagram!