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WS1361 WS1361 WS1361 WS1361
Product name : WS1361
Item : WS1361
Price : 125RMB
Details :
 Sound level meter can be used for noise engineering, quality control, health and prevention and treatment of a variety of environmental noise monitoring. Such as: Volume engineering, schools and hospitals, shopping malls, theaters, offices, traffic, family, audio and other occasions of measurement applications.          
This product is a high precision instrument, measurement accuracy of up to + 1.5dB. In line with the International Committee TYPE2 ANSIS1.4 and the United States national standard TYPE2 IEC651.          
This product can be used alone, can also be connected to the use of computer synchronization display!          
Product features:                       
* measurement range up to 130dB 30~ (DB)          
* selection with A and C frequency network          
Fast / slow reaction rate selection          
* maximum lock function          
* with automatic shutdown and shutdown function (automatic shutdown function, if the normal boot, about 2 minutes will be automatically closed, the power-saving mode, if long press the power button for 3 seconds, LCD screen flicker, and the instrument into the shutdown state, unless the battery without electricity or artificial shutdown. )          
* AC/DC analog signal output, can be connected to the frequency analyzer or X-Y axis recorder to do data statistical analysis          
* data transmission through the USB data line function, upload to the computer for analysis (USB line direct power supply, no need for batteries, the normal mobile phone charger can also be directly powered!)          
* with SD card memory storage function (this option is selected)          
(not only with SD card SD card reading function (no card, no card slot, no calendar function, no clock chip and clock battery etc.)          
Only with SD card noise meter has a card reader function!          
* with SD card, press the FAST/SLOW/RECORD key to enter the recording state, at this time the LCD screen will display record characters, data stored in the SD card, the need to stop the recording, and then press the FAST/SLOW/RECORD key to stop recording in FAT32 format file is stored in the SD card, which is different from other decibel records, when the before the recording data deleted. You can connect the computer at any time to upload to the computer for data analysis.

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