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WS1803A WS1803A WS1803A WS1803A
Product name : WS1803A
Item : WS1803A
Price : RMB268
Details :
Introduction: This instrument is mainly used to measure environmental noise and is widely used in the quality control of noise engineering, noise pollution monitoring and prevention. Such as noise measurement for workshops, offices, residential areas, bars, restaurants, homes and other occasions. As well as assessing the noise of various appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and machine tools. packing list Digita sound level meter 1 pcs USB data cable 1 pcs Power cable External function detector 1 pcs (selected) User manual 1 pcs Warranty card / certificate 1 pcs Technical indicators item noise accuracy ±1.5dB Standard(94dB@1KHz) Measuring range 30 ~ 130dBA 35-130dBC Time weighting 125ms(Fast)1s(Slow) Frequency A weighting(Environmental noise) C weighting(Mechanical noise) Frequency range 31.5Hz ~ 8.5KHz
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