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Product name : WS844
Item : WS844
Price : 380RMB
Details :
 Custom digital display 844 noise
Sound level meter can be used for noise engineering, quality control, health and prevention and treatment of a variety of environmental noise monitoring. Such as: Volume engineering, schools and hospitals, shopping malls, theaters, offices, traffic, family, audio and other occasions of measurement applications.
This product is a high precision instrument, the measurement accuracy of 1.5dB. In line with the International Committee TYPE2 ANSIS1.4 and the United States national standard TYPE2 IEC651.
Product features:
This wide measuring range up to 30--130dB (DB)
* digital display: 1.5 inch digital tube,
B: 1/2 inch capacitive microphone microphone
* accuracy: + 1.5dB (94dB@1kHz in the reference sound pressure level)
Frequency response: 31.5Hz - 8.5kHz.
By measuring range: 30 ~ 130dBA, 35 ~ 130dBC
* DC 12V 2A power supply: DC power supply
* working environment: 0 - 40 C (32? - 104?), 10 - 70%RH
Size: 123*75*27mm.
Installation hole size: 96x83mm.
The display panel is: Brown acrylic.

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